I’ll Always Be There For You

Letting you go was not my only option
I can hold on and never let go
No, letting go does not make me weak
It is not a sign of giving up
Moving on is the bravest thing that I would ever do
Letting you go because my priority list tops with my personal happiness
I matter the most to me, between you and I

Letting you go because I’ve realised
What is more cherished is our times together, the happy memories
What we shared is what matters
Nothing needs to come up if it is not mutual
Only to poison what we already share

Let it happen if it’s meant to be
No extra effort, no expectations
No heartbreaks
Just mutual love of a friendship that lasts

Letting you go as someone more than a friend
You will always have a special place in my heart no matter what
I’ll always love you, cherishing what we shared, what we share
Looking forward with optimism and a smile
With an open mind for what the future holds for us
What may come, what may be,
I’ll always have your back
I’ll always be there for you


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