A lot of people talk about having the need for equality among all, men, women and children. I’d say equality is something that can never happen. Each one is different- everyone has their own capabilities, interests and desires; their own talents and skills. Two or more people can share a common interest but they can never be the same when it comes to working. I strongly believe this is something that each and everyone of us has to accept.

However, what needs to cultivated in the minds of all, is respect. Respect for oneself and for one another. With respect comes love and care. If each person respects the other unconditionally then automatically the person would show love and care, and would treat the other rightly.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, we give respect on a number of conditions and a lot of times for selfish needs. Respect given is never genuine. A number of conditions is put forth before giving respect. ‘If you respect me, only then shall I respect you.’, and what not? Also, often respect is very unhealthy and gender biased. It’s sad how people don’t respect the other because of reasons like superiority of the woman in the professional life or the success achieved by the other man. Respect shown is very outward, for the sake of it. I’d say respect shown that way is just another way of showing disrespect to that person.

Respect shown to a person is also, many a time, shown according to what society lays down. ‘If you want to live in this society happily or get what you want, then you better show respect to so-and-so person and look down upon so-and-so person.’

There is a great need and call to the change needed in the minds of all people. People should not be taught on equality and gender justice but be given a lesson on respecting all people irrespective of gender, caste, or creed.

So what if a woman is at a much higher and qualified position than you are? So what if a junior is more successful than you are? Each person has worked hard and put in their best efforts to reach the place where they presently stand. So instead of standing, looking at them, and complaining of even show disrespect to who they are and what they do, set up your goal and work towards achieving it.

Lastly, showing respect to another can only help a person grow, mentally. Having respect for another can help the person understand anf learn of ways to help achieve his own personal goals.

Respect the other for who they are. With respect comes love and care, and the right treatment towards the person.



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