A Letter in Response #1

“Will someone ever love me back?”, asked a young girl. “I genuinely liked a man but he let it be. I moved on after a tough phase and then I met a second person who made me happy. His presence made me happy. But I cannot tell him that I like him. I doubt he feels the same. He is such a nice person. “Am I not good enough? Or is it that I can not experience love?”, she said with a tear rolling down her cheeks.

Beautiful face there,

I would never say it is easy. It is definitely hard when you like someone and they do not reciprocate it. But it is okay. You could convince yourself that maybe it is not meant to be but never put yourself down by saying you are not good enough. You are beautiful in your own way. Your smile, your eyes, all your features; it is so beautiful and wonderfully made. Maybe they just don’t see it, or maybe they’ve got their personal issues to deal with. You do not know what is going through their mind. Don’t you worry. Do not worry about not finding love or not being able to experience it. It will happen when it happens. There is also another side to being in love. It’s never easy. It takes a lot of hardwork and patience. You could give it your all to make it work but what you put in doesn’t necessarily have to be reciprocated. There would be expectations, maybe few maybe many, from both sides. Anything can happen. Then comes family. There could be a lot of restrictions from home, society and peers. You cannot make both sides happy. Eventually you might have to choose one. Which would you choose? Family or Love? It is never easy. You don’t have to cry or worry about this. Don’t spend your time thinking about it either. Stay happy, work on a project or do whatever that makes you happy.
But I can assure you. One day you will find the person of your dreams. He will be perfect and just the kind of person you are looking for in the people you meet today. He will confess his love to you. He will treat you not as his princess but as his queen. You never know, it could be your bestfriend or even a friends family. No matter who, he will make you happy. You will have the life you’ve always dreamed of as a young girl. Then if you ever look back to today, you will be happy and proud of yourself for letting go and having the patience for the present day.

Wear a smile on your face, have patience, stay positive ☺


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