The moment I saw you,
I noticed your eyes, your smile.
Shining bright, oh so beautiful
I asked myself to make sure
It wasn’t just an infatuation
I took my space, avoided you
Stepped into my own world
Of fantasies and laughter, forgetting you completely or atleast tried my best
I took my time
But at the end of time
I realised there was a missing element.
I wondered what it could be
Until you passed by me, it was you.
Butterflies in my stomach
It could be love, they said
I don’t know what to say
‘Hey, I really like you’, but the scene says otherwise
We could work, but it’d be hard
Everytime we walk with crowds
I stare at you with a smile on my face
We hardly speak or know not what to say
I’d love to listen to you, I’d stare into your eye and smile, maybe have nothing to say
But I’ll love you for a lifetime
Would you too?
I want to hold your hands and never let go
I want to hold you tight for a lifetime
When I see you look at me
It feels like we’re on the same page
Though you wouldn’t say
Or is it all in my fantasy?
They say, ‘Silence speaks’ but I don’t know
We’ve exchanged stares and smiles
But does it say anything or is it only a friendly gesture?
Falling in love all over again
Oh boy, just talk to me, tell me what this is
I can no more drive myself crazy, it kills me within
Tell me please, is this love or just an infatuation?


I tried my hand at poetry. Hope you liked it. Do comment below and let me know your thoughts.

If you like me to write on anything anything specific, leave a comment below.

Love x


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