Fell in love with a man
Falling in love over and over again
With just a glimpse of his face
With a single text from him

Keeping it close to my heart
Not knowing what else to do
Hoping to tell him someday
But afraid of getting my heart broken
And to be awakened by the harsh scream of reality

Letting it all go
Like it was a dream
Making it harder than letting it break my heart

Gathering all of myself
I told him then
‘I’m in love with you’
There was no response
And left my heart broken

When one day he asked me to help
Not knowing what to say, I agreed bluntly
Bringing back feelings and memories
It was hard, so hard to talk
Putting it all behind
Not letting myself be heart broken again.

PS: This is just me trying poetry. Nothing else. Thank you. x


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