Prachi Chaudhari/ Inspire and Be Inspired

When I first started my blog, Prachi was the first blogger I came across and she shared with me a couple of tips which helped me.

Prachi is a fashion blogger based in Pune, Mumbai. She has a great sense of style. She loves to experiment and try out new styles. She sets her own trends. I love her sense of styling. It is very simple yet so elegant.
She first created her blog page and shared it with the public three years ago on Facebook and Instagram. After exploring and learning fashion and styling, she started blogging 10 months ago.

We need to thank her photographer Omkar Chavan for clicking such beautiful pictures of the pretty lady.

Here is an excerpt from the chat I had with her.


☆ Who are you? What defines you?

I am what my style talks! My personality and my style defines me which gives me great love for fashion!


☆ How did you first get interested in fashion?

Well fashion was never my cup of tea but slowly and gradually I fell in love with styles that gave me the interest in fashion.


☆ Tell us a little about your journey..

I started my career in blogging 10 months ago! I came up with new styles like how will style a dupatta into a Indo-Western jacket, etc. I believe in wearing a new style everyday! My 10 months have tremendously got me great success and great support !


☆ Who was your inspiration when you first got interested in fashion?

I was inspired by myself! My mother and my sister was my second inspiration. Last but not the least, mentor blogger Delhi-based Kritika Khurana has been my biggest inspiration. She has helped me all my way long.


☆ Family support is very important in any individual’s life. How has your family supported you?

My family has been a great support to me. They have given me all that I need. They all love my work and now its time to pay them back. As I mentioned before my inspiration was my mom, she is also a great stylist. Most of my ideas are developed by her.


☆ What are the challenges you had to face when you first started out?

I had to face negativity because I had a bad trash down with my personal life. But my family and my friends kept me going in everything. Their unconditional love and support helped me stand strong and today I am here.


☆ The challenges you face today?

There is a lot of competition in a world of fashion bloggers. Everyone has their own styles and various ideas. I respect them all but I believe in being the best so challenges today our faced with love.


☆ Without doubt, you have an amazing blog and a remarkable fan base. How is it when you step out for a walk on the streets?

It is awesome. I step out freely without any tension. People who know me come and talk to me. I have a very good time with them.


☆ There are many fashionistas doing a ‘Meet and Greet’ for their fans. Do you have any plan of doing one?

Yes. I have a plan of doing one when I cross 20k! So I could get prepared and give my best to my supporters. People who like me are not my fans, they are my supporters. I respect them and want to give back to them the same love.


☆ One thing you have learnt over the last ten months of Blogging?

I have not only learnt but also have explored so many new things that I never thought existed. My journey has just begun with many things still to learn.


☆ Who are your main style icons? Who do you follow and look up to?

My style icon is my mother Sunita Chaudhari. I look up to be like her. My second style icon is Kritika Khuranna for her gothic and bohemian styles.


☆ What are your other interests?

My other interests are sketching and dancing. I have done my basic and intermediate course of western dancing from PMDS and I have done elementary and intermediate course of sketching from the school I studied.


☆ What is your next step? What do you want to do in life?

I am aspiring to be a company secretary. I wish to do fashion designing and be a company secretary side by side.


☆ There are many youngsters wanting to do a fashion blog and share their style. What do you have to say to them?

‘Follow your heart. Every individual has got their own style. You just need to explore.’


Find Prachi Chaudhari:




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