A Fresh Start!

Hey there! I hope all of you’ll are doing great and everything is going good.

I know I haven’t posted in months and I’m sorry about that. I’ve got messages asking about myself and I’m very thankful to everyone of you for the care and concern.

I am doing great! Infact this post is a reply to my second post (Blessings in Disguise). If you have read it, you would have known what had been going on with me.

I am really happy and excited to let you know that I could complete all board papers and even appear for my law entrances. I did have my difficulties during the last few months but with constant support, prayer and blessings from family and friends I managed to attend, attempt and complete them all.

Finally! I’m about to start a new and very important phase in my life. I’m starting Law School next month. Yes, I am really excited!

I want to thank each and everyone of you who have constantly supported me and who have sent in their best wishes and prayers. I am very grateful for all that has been done for me.

Do continue to pray for me for my new beginning.

Thank you x


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