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Simran Keshwani, founder of FlareBuzz now Born Of A Million Thoughts, is a young talented, dedicated and aspiring face. She talks to us about herself, how she started FlareBuzz, the challenges and problems she faced in the course, her family and their support.

She hopes to see Born Of A Million Thoughts reach great heights. She is truly an inspiration to all youngsters who dream big and want to see themselves reach great heights.

Read On to be inspired and feel a push towards your dreams.


☆ Hi, it is nice to have a chat with you. Tell us about yourself.

I’m like any other 19 year old, doing the balancing act between life and career and college. For me, what you do is paramount to any fomented opinion that floats around regarding you.

I’m currently studying an honours degree in English literature at the Lady Shri Ram college for Women, University of Delhi and have completed my diploma in Journalism & News writing from the London School of Journalism. The world of literature and writing appealed to me from a very young age. At 8, I started reading novels and by 14, I was reading academic papers on paroxysm and alien research and what not. My interests include – speaking (I’ve been an avid National Level debater), writing (currently the Editor for Flare Buzz and have interned with TOI, HT, Fusion Magazine and many other esteemed names in the industry), swimming, sleeping (hypersomniac alert!) and human psychology.

I aim to work for BBC or Al Jazeera some day, Inshallah.


☆ FlareBuzz, What made you want to start it?

Flare Buzz was my dream project. I always wanted to create something that goes the extra mile, and isn’t a mere addition to the hundreds of existing blogs online.

I wanted a platform that is not opinionated at all, and serves news and opinion with a non-parochial, overarching eye view. The idea came to me very early in school and I collaborated with a friend who handled the web designs.

I’ve put together a team of 50 bloggers, from across the world, and together, we’re creating quality content.


☆ The journey with Flarebuzz..

Flare buzz was acing the extra mile and covering celebrities through my contacts. But, as they say, absolute power corrupts. This alleged *friend* who did the web designing wasn’t too appreciative of my efforts. I had paid for the website, was still barred from the access. It wasn’t going well with him. And as they say, male ego is a disruptive force.

A woman’s success is never her own. It’s always food for jealousy, not appreciation. All the wrongs however, are hers. It was shocking at first to see someone so closed to growth and so despotic. Eventually the entire team quit except 1-2 people. The team wanted transparency and lesser delay, the guy was unabashedly despotic and bashed people who came to them for doubts. It had to go down the drain some day.

It hurt, a lot, but then, we launched a few hours of the spat. My team was my strength. It was their love and support that I was able to launch something new and better. We posted 11 articles in one day and managed 100 likes in 1 hour.

Hoping to take this forward and make it a better, feminist space. We have not backed down, we will show the world what women can do and why they can do it better.


☆ Tell us about Born Of A Million Thoughts..

Born Of a Million Thoughts was born with a simple idea : to express. Many a times, all of us have unsaid and unfinished stories and they die a silent death. This is exactly what we are trying to combat.


☆ How does  Born Of A Million Thoughts work? You have debates, discussions and also Interviews. Do you have a schedule as to what kind of post comes up which day? How do you find the people to interview? Is it usually the popular faces of a city or place?

We work on complete transparency. We are against authoritarian despotic functioning as it makes the person feel inferior. We try to push ourselves to the maximum and do everything collectively.

I take suggestions very seriously and maintain personal contact with my authors. It’s always great to work with friends!

Yes, we do a lot of interviews. The clients come to us through PR agents, if not, we try using personal contacts. We recently interviewed our celebrity- Trishala Dutt

It’s not just about Celebs per se. We do interview common people. Like our tag line says – “Real People, Extraordinary Lives.” If you have a story to tell, we’re there to cover it!


☆ Who was/is your inspiration for all that you do and achieve today?

That’s a tough one! I think the inspiration came from family. My family is the stereotypical over-achieved one. Whatever they do, is grandiose. I had to keep up the standard! My dad created a multi national company from scratch and my Maasi’s (Aunts’) are among UAE’s top 5 expats. It’s just in the genes, we’re taught to go the extra mile.

My mum’s been a constant support, not once doubting my potency.


☆ How has your family supported you? How did they react when you first told them about starting FlareBuzz?

My family has financed all of my ventures till now. They’ve been very confident about anything I do. They trust me for my decisions and I love them for that. Nobody doubted my caliber, whatever I did.

Flare Buzz was entirely my idea, although it fell apart due to the guy handling web design getting increasingly authoritarian. How can a technician edit material? That’s a Journalist’s job. The guy failed to get that point across and as I grew and my networked reached celebrities, his jealousy had no bounds. I can not handle this much nonsense, and neither could my team. We all quit and have a new venture in place. Reminds me of how Steve Jobs was made to quit Apple, he didn’t waste a minute and created Next, which bought Apple in a few years time.

I’m sure you get the hint!

When all of this happened, my family supported me through. Born Of A Million Thoughts is my baby now. I hope it becomes an unparalleled blog.


☆ What is your next step? What do you want to do next?

Taking our endeavour to the next step, we came up with the idea of doing better for the society at large. Thus, our ambitious project titled Unflinching Courage was initiated. It is a documentary we’re producing that aims at highlighting the struggle and plight of the mentally ill among the underprivileged lot and to do away with the elitist stereotype mental illness carries.

Some people are so poor, that forget treatment, they can not even afford proper diagnosis. Yet, these heroes continue to face life with a smile, in a diurnal struggle.

Our lens isn’t limited to a particular social strata or a particular country. Our aim is to expedite themes of courage among the human spirit.

We don’t just stop at creating awareness. We’ve partnered with more than 20 companies across 4 cities to help us reach a Lot of audience and have engaged a team of lawyers, psychologists to help these people out.


☆ What do you have to say to those who are struggling or hiding themselves and not being able to do what they want to do?

Just one question, which would be self-explanatory.

What’s the worst that could happen?

You’d be laughed at, or you’d fail? In 20 years, nobody will remember the teething problems you faced and you would be at peace by having answered your heart’s calling.



Find Simran Keshwani and Born Of A Million Thoughts:





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