Inspire and Be Inspired

I love talking to people and listening to their stories, experiences and what they have to say. It interests me so much and teaches me quite a bit. I have always read and watched interviews of different people doing amazing things. Their answers have inspired and given me what I always had/needed to know. I also believe it is necessary to get to know and understand the different people around us.

There are so many people who wish to do a lot of things but do not either because they do not know where or how to start or even for reasons best known to them. 

So I decided to start this segment ‘Inspire and Be Inspired’ where I talk to people who love what they are doing. They will share with us their journey, experience, challenges and anything else they would like to share. This segment is not restricted to certain people doing certain things alone but to everyone who has something to share to inspire us all.

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