FlashBack 2015//Christmas//New Year 2016

This is my last post of the year 2015.

Just a few more hours and it is Christmas! Christmas is my most favourite season and holiday time. I love everything about Christmas, the food, the decoration, the celebration-every single thing! I am sure many of you’ll too love this season of joy, happiness, celebration, and the love given and shared.


I wish you all a very happy, prosperous and fun filled Christmas. I hope all your prayers are heard and you get all that you deserve. Have a blessed day and let this be a memorable one.

Well, a week from now we enter into a new chapter of our lives. 2016. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I am definitely waiting to see what the coming year has in store for me. Like always, I hope the year is good to me. I know for sure, you all too feel the same and cannot wait to see how the year turns out to be.


This is how the last year, 2015, has treated me. I started the year making new year resolutions and plans on what I want to do in near future. But unfortunately, fortunately at present, it did not turn out as I expected. If you’ll have read my posts (Post #2 Blessings In Disguise) you would have known that I have been under treatment for back pain for a long time. I had also appeared for my Class 12 public exams and failed to appear for two papers for the same reason. That was when I reached my lowest point, upset and frustrated at the thought of missing my exam. It took me a while to come out of it. Eventually I did.

When I let it all go and wanted to move ahead, that was when I wrote my first post (Go With The Flow) and started this page. It made me so happy. I was more than happy because writing helped me remind myself of a lot of things and it also answered a lot of questions I always had. Putting down my thoughts helped me in many ways-I questioned myself, thought of a lot, answered the questions I had, again gave myself a lot more questions and every post I have written so far, helped me get the answers and also let me understand myself better. This also boosted my self-confidence and let me speak out what I believe in and how I see things. I never again had the thought of ‘What would others think if I say this, or do this?’ before I did or say anything. All these months since August when I first started out, was in a way, all about writing, asking questions and finding answers. Yes, I did study for exams too!


I ended this year spending the last month, December, in travel, exploring and learning a lot more-new things. I am more confident, strong, happy with a lot of lessons learnt and memories made, independant and a more mature person today. This also makes me ready for 2016-ready to accept and face any challenge that comes my way. I am really excited about it all -all that has happened, all that is happening and all that is yet to take place.


I just want to say and remind you that, I believe everything happens for a reason. To everything happening there is always a greater good to it-no matter what the situation maybe. A lot of experiences and especially the year 2015 has taught and reminded me of that a number of times. Keep smiling, always. You never deserve to lose a moment not smiling, so no matter what it might be just keep smiling and that will make you more positive, optimistic and happy always. Happy 2016!


I know I might be a little too early for this, but I thought of this and I wanted to share this with you. Instead of making new year resolutions, planning big or anything as such, why not take small steps in helping ourselves in any way possible, staying positive and happy. I believe that if only we are really and truely happy within ourselves, can we help and make others really happy, bringing a smile upon their faces. So here is a list of what I do and what I am going to continue for the same as said above;

images (1)

– When I wake up every morning, I will first thank God for giving me a        new day, a new chance. I will wake up with a smile on my face.
– No matter what happens during the day, I will always smile and stay optimistic.
– I will read a positive/happy quote every day or even write my own and keep to it.
– I will push away negativity and fill myself with only positive vibes.
– I will keep calm in all situations and try to understand them in a more mature away and not be selfish with my wishes and dreams and my thoughts.
– I will do a good deed everyday- the best being putting a smile upon another face for the right reasons.
– I will be honest and true to myself in all situations first and then to all people around me.
– I will understand that people can change for the better and not judge people based on past experience.
– I will thank God ever night for the beautiful blessing of another day.

I would like to thank family and friends who inspired me in different ways to start impeccablehopes. And also for their support I got from Day 1. Thank you, all you readers for the support and love given to me, everyday.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year. Much love to all of you. x


8 thoughts on “FlashBack 2015//Christmas//New Year 2016

  1. Thank you for the follow! I’m glad to get to know you through this post. It was beautiful and spot on!
    Keep positive as things always have a way of working out. That is what we are taught in God’s Word!

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