Terror and Peace

7 continents. 204 countries. 7.3 billion people.

People are dying everyday. But how many of them are dying in the hands of our fellow human beings? Everyday you open the newspaper to see the black and white print spelling murder, rape, terror activities, name it-it is there. It is sad to see that our lives are in the hands of our own being.
The 26/11 Mumbai bomb blasts, London blasts, Firing at a mall in Nairobi, Stabbing at the station in China, Turkey blasts.
Madrid, Spain blasts, the most recent being the multiple blasts and firing in Paris have killed more people than the number who died in other accidents. One attack after another for power, religion, colour, caste and creed!


We often wonder who these people are? What do they get from committing such crimes? How do they get into a thought process to do such harm? Have they ever wondered how they would feel if their families and near ones are in the same danger as they put the people in? How do people join such groups?

Young innocent kids of many villages and small towns are trapped in doing such activities. The corrupted older people brain-wash the young minds for their selfish needs. I believe you all would have read atleast one incident where kids are pushed out of their homes or even tortured if they fail to do what they are told to do. It is so sad and upsetting how the older people take complete control by such power. The kids, the youth- they have no option but to follow. They have not been taught to dare and challenge the older people.



To those who support such violence and/or part of such violence and terror activities, do you really find happiness and peace within yourselves after performing such activities. What if it was your family or loved ones dying in front of your eyes How would you take it? I really hope you see the pain and tears of the families who have lost their near and dear ones because of your acts. I pray you give up such activities and live a normal and happy life loving yourself first and then the all those around you.



But what about us people sitting at home and talking about those who commit such terror? Are we in peace with ourselves and with the people around? Not always, right?

thebill_006_1There is so much violence and hate within ourselves too. We easily get frustrated, annoyed and lose complete control of ourselves when something goes wrong and not our way. We tend to show this anger and frustration on family or friends. Eventually everyone is annoyed and their minds are filled with anger. Peace is lost among close and loved ones. This causes an atmosphere of stress and frustration which may lead to unrest in society. With the interference of a third party, the tense in the atmosphere increases and leads to violence. Violence and fights begin in different parts of the land to show their support for what has happened.

Everyone wants to win and have all the power. This greed for power over people, land and possessions makes people take the extremes that leads to terrible scenes of murder and bloodshed.


Yet we all speak so much for peace and humanity, love for one another and the list goes on. But don’t we ourselves cause trouble, frustration for ourselves or for the people around us? How many times have we, in difficult times, tried to keep calm and look forward to what can be done instead of complaining or blaming, or getting distressed and frustrated? We ourselves cannot keep peace within ourselves but still want peace to prevail everywhere!

Yes, you did not take an AK-47 and start shooting at people, but I think, we have all played a role in everything that has happened and is happening. We are all inter-dependent on each other, no matter where our house is built.

Peace starts from within each one of us as an individual. We need to find peace within ourselves first. We all should look at each other and live like a family. You wouldn’t want your family hurt, would you? Eventually there will prevail an atmosphere of peace, love and humanity over all people.


Let us all stand #TogetherandUnited and pray for all the departed souls that they rest in peace and for their families to have the courage and strength to accept all that has happened.


#TogetherandUnited to wipe out all violence and hatred in our minds and hope for an atmosphere of Peace Love and Humanity to prevail today, tomorrow and all the days to come! We are all humans, we are one!



3 thoughts on “Terror and Peace

  1. That is so true.I’m so glad,you’ve tried to look at the root cause rather than only sympathise with the affected.I’ve always believed change begins from within and you’ve expressed that in your own perspective:’)Thank you:)

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