I, Myself, Me

Firstly, I want to apologize for not posting for a long time and have kept you’ll waiting. I have been busy
with a couple of things. I will try my best to post as often as possible.

So I got a lot of mails asking to share few things about myself. Excuse the random order of what I have written.
So here it is,

>>I am the shy kind of person. Not many who know me will agree but trust me I am. Well the shy kind of person in the beginning. But if I act stupid or do the most random things ever around you, then you should know I am comfortable with you. Trust me, it doesn’t happen with many people.
>>I cannot or rather never start a conversation. Call me weird, but I go all blank and wouldn’t know what to say. So if you ever think of talking to me, make sure you can start the conversation. But if we get into some topic, trust me you would do anything to make me shut up.
>>I am jumpy and the most hyped-up person you could ever meet!
>>I am very sensitive. This is something most people do not know.

>>I will be the sweetest person you will ever meet. Simply because, I cannot easily be rude to anyone and I guess I forgive easily.
>>I cannot hold a grudge against anyone. I always believe in accepting and staying happy no matter what the situation maybe.
>>If I scream at you or shout back, then know that I have a point you do not see. Do not see it as hate or anger.
>>I love talking; both the fun and the serious talks.
>>I love late night talks about the most random things. I am not a big fan of small talk though and usually try to avoid such talks.
>>I see myself as soft, calm and sweet and have had people who took advantage of it.
>>I have major trust issues and so I usually never speak much about myself. But if I share something with you, then know I trust you.
>>You will hardly see me show my emotions. I prefer crying to myself to breaking down in front of anyone else.
>>If I love/like you once, know that I will for a lifetime.

>>I love listening to people, to their stories and experiences. I always believe listening helps you learn so much more. And I think I have.
~No matter what happens, joy or not, I always believe it happens for a reason. This is something I strongly believe in, ‘what is meant to be will be’ So there is basically no point in getting frustrated or annoyed, angry or depressed. You are only wasting that time when you could smile and make memories despite the hard times. This is something Life has taught me and it is the biggest lesson I have ever learnt.
>>Family and friends always top my priority list.
>>I love spending some ‘Myself time’. It helps and teaches me a lot.
>>I love surprises.

>> I love photography.

>>Books, well I do not read many. But if I find a book interesting, then I make sure I finish that before doing anything else.
>>Relationships, yes I do believe in them and I really think it is like a necessary and an important part in anyones’ life. Till date, I have never been in one.
>>Animal lover, not that kind of an animal lover. But I’d love to have a pet.

>>Food, I love Chinese and European. Basically I’d prefer anything to Indian.
>>Chocolates, cupcakes and flowers can make my day, anyday. Red Velvet cupcake and Orchids are my favorites. Lilies and Roses too.

images (1)

>> I do not drink Coffee or Tea. I don’t really like it. Please do not shoot me.
>>Music, what kind depends on my mood. Strange part about me here, I can never remember song names or lyrics. I know I’m weird. Please don’t shoot me, again.
>>Television, I love watching shows and movies. Favourite shows, OTH, Castle, Big Bang Theory, How I met your Mother, among others.
~Movies, there are a lot to mention so I won’t be doing so.
~Tom and Jerry, Phieneas and Ferb and Oswald are my most favourite shows.
>>Social media. It has been years now since I deactivated my FB acccount. The only social media I use now is Instagram.
>>YouTube, favorite you tubers are iisuperowmanii, Grace Helbig, Tatcher Joe, among others.
>>I love posters and stickers.
>>I love tiaras. Still on a lookout for them. So if you happen to get a nice one, do not forget to parcel it to me. JK!
And to end this list,
>>I love balloons and Kids. I really do. I wouldn’t mind spending days together in a room full of balloons and/or kids.

kids and balloons_full
Well this is it for now, I guess. This is me! Well a part of me. I’m sorry if I bored you or got you to sleep. Won’t happen again, I promise.
If there is anything you like to know about me, leave a comment below or DM me on Instagram @impeccablehopes or even mail me at impeccablehopes@gmail.com


If you like to share an experience or want me to share a specific topic, mail me at impeccablehopes@gmail.com


5 thoughts on “I, Myself, Me

  1. You sound well balanced! No need to shoot you….
    I haven’t figured Instagram out. I’m into FaceBook big time because my family is scattered around the country. They all post regularly so I know what’s happening in their lives. I have a travel FaceBook page that is connected to my travel blog. I don’t post much on it….but I post daily on Twitter and my personal FaceBook page.

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  2. Hi Shilpa ~ first, thanks for following my blog. I’m so glad you found me and it led me here to you. I love the positive vibe of your blog! I’m looking forward to following you and reading much more!

    Liked by 1 person

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