What compares to the happiness and joy you get when you reunite and spend time with someone, maybe a friend or even a family member, after a long time? That spontaneous smile that comes upon your face says it all! I hope this post brings back memories you have had with that person and puts that beautiful smile of yours on your face.

I’d like to share an incident that was shared with me. I hope you can relate to this post and helps you in building a new meaningful relationship with your loved ones’.

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Hi. I’m Rachel. I was in my 9th when I met my friend Shreya. We were in different sections and meeting people from different sections was rare as everyone was always around people from the same section. One day during break, I happened to bump into this girl going all crazy, making everyone laugh till their tummies burst. When she noticed me behind her, she immediately stopped and felt all awkward. That was my first encounter with Shreya. Later that evening, we chatted on Facebook and she just wouldn’t stop apologizing for how weird she acted earlier that day. Well, even today I do not know the need for an apology. But just thinking of that scene, makes me laugh non-stop.

This was just the beginning of our friendship. We spoke everyday on FaceBook and found that we had a number of similarities. Like both of us  have one older sibling, both are parents are similar in many ways. When it comes to personally, we both have had the same kind of experiences in life. That was yet another thing that brought us closer.

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From day 1 of exchanging numbers, we just happened to speak every single day without fail. It was like the first meal of the day. Without  talking to each other, the day was incomplete. We had our good times, infact we only had good times and memories with each other. If either of us had a problem, the other person would be the first to know it all. We were best-friends. We were like soul-mates. You can find soul-mates in friendship too. We both knew we meant a lot to each other. Happy weeks and months passed by. When suddenly one day, she had a problem with another friend who felt insecure about Shreya not spending much time with her. Shreya would share everything with me, every conversation she had with her friend, she would tell me. I would also share with her what I think and what I would do if I were in her place. Eventually everything was settled but unfortunately the same issue kept coming up.


Eventually, days passed and we hardly spoke. Not that anything happened between us but it all just happened. Weeks and months passed. A year also passed by, we were already in the end of our 10th grade. We did speak in between but it felt like real strangers. Our conversation went like we hardly knew each other anymore. We did not know what to say and our conversations used to be like,



‘Long time, how have you been?’

‘Yes long time. I’m good. How are you?’

‘I’m good too, whatsup? How is everything going?’

‘It is going good. Nm. Relaxing. Wbu?’

‘TV. Everything going good’.

-end of conversation-
But sometimes we used to say we miss those good old times and stuff and try to figure out what may have gone wrong. No matter how  many times we tried to get things like before, we only failed and that caused another break until next time. Eventually I let it go with  the thought that  ‘If it is meant to be, it will be.’


But just last week, we spoke again and it all felt good again. Even though it has been a long time since the last time we spoke it brought a wide smile on my face. Maybe things are not like it was before. I do not believe that it needs to be that way. Today, things seem fine and I am really glad that we reunited. We decided to start new. We share everything happening  during the day, good or bad it doesn’t matter just like before. I really hope this continues. I also wish we are the stitched-for-life kinds and remain best-friends forever.


I do not know what or how you felt after reading Rachel’s story. But I believe being able to reunite with an old friend or even someone who once meant a lot to you but later turned into strangers not only help you build new relationships but also can boost you mentally. Maybe the person did something bad to you, but you can always give a second chance and see how it turns out. Wouldn’t you wish for a second chance if you hurt someone who means a lot to you? When a new relationship is built with that someone, you are starting that relationship with all those times you’ll spend together as a base. Do not look at those times as a bad part in life but as lessons learnt. Every good or bad moment, as we call it, in life is a lesson learnt. This life you are living, is lessons in the guise of moments you share with the people who come to be a part of your journey in this world. Reuniting and building new relationships is an important part in ones life.


Remember, It is easy for friends to turn into strangers but hard for strangers to become friends. Build a relationship in which, even if you talk to that person after months or even years, nothing seems to have changed.  Look at every moment with a happy mind. Fill your life with positivity.

I would like to thank Rachel for sharing with us her story.
If you like to share a story or experience, mail me at


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