We often say ‘Home’. But what is ‘Home’? Is it the place we sleep and eat and start our day? I’d call it a house. The four walled room in which we wake up everyday, and start the day is a house to me. ‘Home’ is the house
that houses a family- a group of happy people looking after their own needs but also the person next to them.

Family is synonymous with Home.


               A family is from where one begins ones life. The first people you see and meet. The first people you talk to. I’m sure  you will agree a 100% with me when I say, ‘Family is an integral part of an individual.’ It is a small world in this huge place. A place where one knows one can trust the people around. It is like a binocular that helps you see yourself at a distance clearly, one that guides you through the right path. You know for sure they will always be there by your side no matter what you do or go through. They are the first people to be ever-ready to do anything for you. They will be the only people ready to sacrifice anything for you.

Each member at home has moulded and changed you and formed you into what you are at this very moment, knowingly or not. They will be the first and last people you can approach for anything and everything. Always.


Want to share your joys, happiness or even sorrows and sadness? Go to family first. They deserve to know it all before anyone else. You might have problems with someone or the other at home, but remember you all are under the same roof for a reason; so do not keep the past in mind. Let go and live the present day happy, and in harmony with all.

You might have a bestfriend or someone who might be like family. Let me tell you, no one but Family is permanent in any individuals life. Contact with someone outside the house can be lost anyday but no matter what you try or do, family will always stay. Family has given you the most happy times and memories to cherish for a lifetime, even if you haven’t realized. So do not push away family or anyone at home for someone outside.


In times of trouble and hardships, do not take hasty decisions. Watch your thoughts, or they become words. Watch your words, or they become actions. Watch your actions, or they become habits. Watch your habits, or they become character. Watch your character, or they become your destiny. Be mindful in everything you do.

Our character starts from family. What we are today is because of family. How you are with family is how you will be in public. I won’t tell you to agree with everything said to you but accept what is being told. Have a mind, ready to listen and accept. Do not say it is not possible, it is a necessity in your life. Being able to respect and accept people at home will only help you to respect and accept people outside. Do not blame another or complain, whine or fret over incidents and happenings. What is meant to happen will happen. Instead speak out and listen well.


How many times have we pushed away family for our selfish needs and desires? Or even used someone at home to get what we want and then push them away after it is done? How many times have you felt embarrassed by your familys’ actions or talk and pushed them away or asked them to keep quite? Have a second thought before you tell or do something. Your family will be the only people who will stand by you even when you push them away no matter how much you might have hurt them. Remember, you cannot leave behind what is always by your side.

Put family before anything in life. If you have to choose between home and someone outside, I’d tell you with no second thought,choose family. Even family could be wrong in their doings, but support and help them and let them know and trust that you are always there by their side. You gain nothing, by leaving behind family and supporting another.

That ‘another’ could leave you and not look back after they have got what they want. But the family you left behind will always be looking forward to your coming. Be blessed to have a family and home with whom you can share. Do not let your foolishness lose the greatest gift you have received. Not everyone is blessed like you. You might have terrible setbacks but never give up on family. Understand and respect one another.


Live a life of a Bee; ever-ready to sacrifice its own life for the safety and protection of its loved ones.

Explore, Learn and Play together. Spread love and happiness as one. Live a Happy Home!


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