Being accepted at home, in society or even at social gatherings or groups is important in every individuals life. Everyone wants to be accepted as they are wherever they go. No one likes the feeling of not being able to fit in. If you are a person who wants to be accepted the way you are and the way you want and try to fit in, do not push yourself! Instead why not stand out and be the person you truely are?
Do not try things and do anything to be noticed. Do not repeatedly do or speak anything to be noticed. People around you have heard and seen you the first time you made your attempt. It is their choice to do what they want. Do not push people to notice you or accept everything you say or do.


If you cannot accept people the way they are, how do you do expect them to accept the peron you are. Everyone has their good and bad. Do not let hate, prejudice, ignorance or your feelings towards people stop you from accepting them the way they are. Being able to accept them completely as they are is important and the key for a good relationship. It could even be a person who has hurt you so bad, or even spoken something which may not have been true. It could have been anything. Instead of keeping distance or pulling yourself away, why not speak out honestly and settle things? Every person that you have met in your journey of life, has come with a purpose; to teach you life lessons by the way they are and help you change for the best. They may have done something bad or hurt you terribly, Give them a chance to change. It could take a couple of months or even years for them to change. Do not give up on them so easily. Accept and love them for the person they are today, tomorrow and day after. It could be this person you are trying to push away today, the only one standing by you in the long run when you are faced with difficulties.


Remember, it is not your choice to push away a person or pull a person towards you. God has send them to you, so respect them each day and accept them the way they are. You cannot destroy what God has made and joined.
But many times, when we come across situations, we start assuming the worst and take decisions on what to do next. We get tired of the people around us and wish to have a different atmosphere with other people. Let me ask, how do you know how those people would be?
You only get to know how a person is, when you spend enough time with them, listening and speaking honestly. So do not think or jump into conclusions if you would be better off with a certain person or worse with a certain person.
Do not tie and keep yourself from learning new things. Listen and look with a broader mind.


Make an attempt to accept the people around you just as they were given to you. Always speak good about everyone.
If they hurt you, forgive them without any condition. Do not forget someday this person, who you are trying to push away today, have made you happy and gave you things to remember for a life time. Do not push away someone because you have found someone else better, or because you’ll might not be
speaking much or even when you’ll do, there is nothing much to speak about. Even if there is nothing to talk about, give them the assurance that no matter what happens you are always there for them and you will always accept them for who they are, just the way they are.  Help everyone around you and let them know they have a shoulder to lean on when in need.


When you accept yourself just the way you are, you can change for the best. Remember, the secret of being happy is accepting where and what you are in Life and making the most out of everyday. Stay happy!


22 thoughts on “Acceptance

  1. this is my favouriteeee post:*:*a large part of my life did change once i adopted the whole concept of acceptance so i can completely relate to every aspect of what you have written:)rock on my friend!:)

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  2. This was such a great post! So much wisdom in it. I’ll probably link back to it sometime soon when I start working on Balance in life. It begins with accepting yourself as you are!
    Congratulations on being selected to have this read “on the air!”

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