Change from Within

 No one likes a person who is not ready to listen, stubborn or who pokes their nose into others buisness or even those
who wants to be the first to know-it-all. You might have come across atleast one person who might be that way or maybe with another annoying characteristic. They could have got on your nerves and can get very irritating. But, have you ever thought of yourself being like one of those? Have you ever thought if you have been one of those annoying kind of people sometime to someone? I’m sure we all have been that way. I have. And how many times have we complained or commented on the ways of someone? Their way of talk or style?


We are all so busy looking at everyone around us, busy commenting and/or gossiping that we fail to look at ourselves.

Let me ask, how many of you’ll have looked at yourself and thought, ‘What kind of a person am I to the people around me’?
Don’t give yourself the answer. When you do, many times, you fail to see, maybe the small things you did to people ,which they didn’t like
or maybe even hurt them. Let the people around you speak and give you the answer.

It is hard to change ourselves but we always expect others to change their ways to suit us. Do not expect another to change if you yourself cannot. But many times, seeing our position in front of the people around us or in society,

we change ourselves to the ‘Hitler’ character or try to take a stand to put forth our thoughts and what we desire. If you are someone who tried to take a stand, let me ask you, ‘How did you feel doing the same?’ This is what I think. People who take a stand to show that they have power over something or  to show they can do what they want, are weak and pathetic. No one likes the ‘Hitler’ character. No one likes to be told what to do, when to do, what not to do and when not to do. Everyone needs their freedom and respect for what they do.

Then why would you think someone would like to be around you or even spend time with you? Stop being that kind of person. Maybe you had to take such a stand because of what you have gone through or to avoid situations. But why change yourself to such kind of a person you actually are not?  What do you get from being a person your not? Being yourself is the best way to come out of anything.

Speak out, but do not let your mind take control of what is to come out of your mouth. Think before you speak but speak the truth. Speak like an innocent child.


Another reason why I think people would take such kind of a stand is because they need to hide something from certain people. If I may, for how long are you going to hide whatever it maybe from whomever you want to? Be honest in everything you do. Accept what you did wrong and also right. Stop lying to the people around you for you are only lying to yourself. The person who you take such a stand with could leave for
not being able to put up with your ways. Soon you could be alone. And No, you do not want to be alone. No one wants to be alone. Then why not be honest and stay happy?

If someone is not in your favour or doesn’t support you in something you really want, what do you do or think?  These are the times, many start taking a stand to get what they want. The someone might have a reason, a reasonable one. Have you ever thought of why they would say a ‘No’ for what you want?

Are you ready to listen to them with an open mind? Even if you know what they will say, why not atleast try to listen to what they say, like your hearing it for the first time? Try to listen to everything they have to say. There could be something for you to know and understand.

For those of you saying a ‘No’ or ‘This is not needed right now’ or anything else, are you saying it because you have a solid good reason or is it because of what you think of the person who asked you? Give them your reason; a real and true reason; not an excuse as a reason. Be honest in your views and reasons.

Discuss openly with the other person and learn together what is best. Do not think what you have in mind is always right and best for all. Maybe it helped you as an individual and doesn’t have to help another. Understand, what suits you may not suit another.


Have you come across someone who always explains themselves? If you are the kind of person always explaining yourself for everything you do or say, if I may, why do you do so? Do you do so with the thought that they should not think of you like this or that and that they should understand what you really meant? Then why don’t you first think of what you have to say and do before you say or do.  Why are you so concerned of what people think or say about you?

Stop explaining yourself for everything you do. People will say what they want or do what they want even if they understand what you say or do. They may even judge and mock you. You cannot control people. Every individual has their own characteristics. So let go. Do what you really need to do and stop explaining what you do. I’m not saying, not to explain or whatever if someone asks you to do so. I’m just saying, do not explain your activities by yourself. Many times its like throwing pearls to a pig herd.

Are you someone who repeats yourself when asking someone to do something but when another person repeats themselves when asking you something, you get annoyed and ask them to stop doing that and tell them that telling them once is enough? Have you ever thought of those you repeat yourself to? Before you tell anything or comment on someone think how you would react to it if someone said the exact same thing to you in the exact same way. Look at yourself first before you look at someone else. See how you are before you comment on another. You are not the master of the people around you. So treat them the way you would like to be treated, irrespective of the kind of person they are.


Be the change you want to see around you. Do not wear a mask for whatsoever the reason may be. Be the ‘Real You’, change the way you look at things and people around you. Have a mind to listen, learn and accept. Accept people for who they are and situations the way it comes. Help people change for their best and not to suit their changes according to your wishes and your needs. I assure you, you will see the change first in yourself and then around you. Speak out, honestly. Do not lie. Spread love and Stay happy. It is time for a Change from Within.


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