Blessings in Disguise


‘Life is a rollercoaster ride’ is something we all say to ourselves especially when we are faced with problems. I agree Life has its ups and downs.

Problems make us fall into a lot of pit-holes; the wrong ones. We do not think straight and often jump into conclusions. We believe we are always

right and hence when something is being told to us, we refuse to listen with an open mind. Sadly these days, they also tend to take complete control of

the mind of the person and transform them in ways that is shocking and killing.

But how many of us look at Problems as a Blessing in Disguise?

     I would like to share an incident from my own life. I want you to know, no matter what you go through, there is always a way to get out of it. You just need to believe in yourself and learn what is best for yourself.

It was 2015 March, I was to appear for my 12th Board exams. I had already been suffering from Back pain for almost 10 months. But those
10 months I always tried to get over it and believed everything is part of Life. I couldn’t sit for long nor could I write for long. It was hard doing
anything. Exams were approaching and I always wondered if I could sit for three hours and finish the paper.
Fortunately, I got permission for extra time and timely breaks during the exam. That boosted my self-confidence.
I wrote my first exam pretty well and came out of the examination hall happily. I was excited in writing the exams but also
wanted to somehow finish it. When suddenly I got a horrible cough which just wouldn’t get better.
Somehow I managed to write the next, Phyics paper, for sometime and left the hall. Then came Chemistry, which I couldn’t write.

Early-Warning-Signs-of-Depression-in-Adolescents-CNot being able to write Chemistry and knowing that I had to repeat my boards again, after a year, shook me hard. I didn’t know what to
think or do. It wasn’t just the missing exam which hurt me but the thought I had to take a U-Turn and start the race again.
I have always seen myself as a person always moving forward. I was waiting to start a new phase in Life. Waiting to start Law
as my career, so knowing that I had to repeat something and wait a little longer to start what I really want to do; I couldn’t take it easily.
There were nights, I cried myself to sleep. I stayed away from my phone and people. I kept to myself. I began overthinking a lot of things. The most random things.
It wasn’t that I was completely secluding myself but I just needed time.

Keeping to myself worried everyone around me. They couldn’t say what I was thinking or what was going through my mind.
I didn’t want the sympathy or the pity of people for what happened. I only wanted to let go of it. But that was not the case.
Everyone looked at me, only to say ‘It’s okay, This is only for the good.’ , ‘You can do much better next time.’ I appreciate the care and concern.
I understood this was only for the best from the beginning. But still, Won’t you want some alone time? I needed my time.

I know I was let alone for almost a day and a half but I needed some more time. As people worried about me, I was taken to meet a doctor. There it was suggested I go on Anti-Depressants for sometime. But I refused.

I knew I only needed a litttle more time and there was nothing wrong with me. I didn’t mind what the doctor
or anyone thought of me after that. I believed in myself and learnt what is best for me. This was when I saw a change in me, a good one.

After almost three days from missing the exam, I moved out of the room, took my phone and started socialising again.
I started talking more, maybe because I was trying to push away the thought of taking a U-Turn. But eventually I got used to it. I had to anyhow.
Soon, talking about it, boosted my self confidence and made me stronger. Today, I feel happy about all that has happened till date for it makes me
stronger and bolder. I also started speaking out what was on my mind without keeping it to myself. I do not know how missing an exam changed me, but today I’m
happy that I’ve changed and I know this change is only for my personel best without causing any harm to the people around me.

Moreover, maybe if it wasn’t for missing an exam I wouldn’t be sitting in front of the Laptop, sharing with you’ll what I believe in, my views of Life.
I’m sure many of you’ll can relate to this. Maybe you might be going through something while reading this now.
I came out of the hard phase because I was willing to. I was ready to take another step ahead. I stopped my mind from controlling me. You should, too.
I understand it is not easy to come out of tough situations especially when you least expect it. But, this is Life.
Remember, everytime you are faced with something, try not to overthink or start assuming something that could happen in the future.
Let go of such thoughts. Be ready to listen to the people around you, with a mind, like you have no knowledge of what they say,
even if you do. It could be the worst person you might have come across, who could be telling you something. But remember, in everything that
is being spoken, there is always something in it from which you can learn.


Most importantly, I learnt that everything that happens in life is for a reason, a Good reason. Every problem, as we call it, in life is a Blessing in Disguise.
When on a rollercoaster, you do not know when you would be going up or down the track.
You just go with the flow and enjoy every moment in it or atleast try to do so. Do the same in real life situations.

Live the present day and stay happy. Pray, have Faith, Accept and Move ahead.


15 thoughts on “Blessings in Disguise

  1. you are just getting better with every really moved me to’ve expressed all that you went through in such an honest way..and anybody who reads this,can relate to it for suree..because at some point in our lives,we have all gone through something,that has changed us drasticallyy..kudos my friend!:)

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  2. Shilpa! Baby girl! This was absolutely beautiful and I’m so speechless. You have laid it out in such a way that even if people haven’t gone through certain things they will understand. I’m so proud of u girl!

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  3. Very well done Shilpa. Many thanks for your inspiring message to be positive in life. Yes, it is true, in a way you have expressed the need of doing our part well and then leaving the rest to God and accepting the outcome with a grateful heart is so important to be a true winner in life. Thank you and best wishes.


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