Go with the Flow

fustrationEveryone of us have problems. They could be small or even big ones. A lot of times we all try to talk with the person
and settle it. But many times, when we are faced with problems, big or small, we try to run away from it.
It could be something from our past which starts surfacing now. Maybe something no one knew about. Just you.
And when we see that something coming back to haunt us, we try to change the entire scenario and make a number
of attempts to make the change we wish to happen. It could be anything.
We try to take complete charge of life’s steering wheel and take a different cut. But let me ask you, for how long are
you going to cover up and run away from this one problem? It is only going to kill you from within.

This is what i believe in when Life is faced with Problems..

Do not ever try to control life. Do not make decisions with the thought you can stay happy by looking at past experience.
The past is past. Everything is constantly changing: people, surroundings; the universe itself.
You are not the Master of your life, God is. Go with the flow and do not try to change this flow of life. You are being led in the right path.
Problems are present everywhere. Attempts to change things to lead a better life in order to avoid
other situations: let me tell you child: is a waste. Everything is planned. Whatever has happened till date, whatever is happening,
and whatever will happen is according to the plan. Trying to change something, no matter what justification you
might have for it, will only cause you more fustration and uneasiness when the desired change fails.

problemYou fail to realise that, while making such attempts you are not seeing the beauty around you. If everything had to go according
to the desires of people, they would have been no unhappiness. People would have been so insensitive and none would have
someone to call them a bestfriend or someone to talk to.

probBut if you really want something so bad, go behind it. work hard towards it and leave the rest to God.
But let those things you want not turn out to be bad or hurt the people around you. But always remember, whatever it is you want,
even if it is best for people around you and yourself, it will happen only if its Gods will and plan.
Find beauty in everything, start with the small things like the first thing you see out your window.
And when you start doing so, you will and can stay happy. You will have no complaints against anyone no matter
what a person you might think of them to be. Past is past, my child.
Learn to let go and live the present. Not many gets the second chance to change. Do not come up with excuses or reasons for not
being able to do so. The Impossible is Possible. If you go looking for reasons to avoid people or situations,
then what is in your prayer or daily doings? Nothing you do has any value and nothing will be valued either. Have patience.
Do not say ‘It is because of my patience and prayer I have come this far.’ Then let me tell you,
It is not just your patience or prayer that brought you this far, it is the plan which you followed without much thought.


Continue the same  and you will see wonders in life. Stay happy in the present, speak good of all people. When your down put a smile upon that
beautiful face of yours instead of whining and complaining. Go with the flow and ride the tide! I assure you, you will find all the happiness and joy you truely deserve.
Again, Go With The Flow Of Life. Do Not Control It.


15 thoughts on “Go with the Flow

  1. your the best! that was absolutely inspiring and was a great reminder of what we are doing! i think this just told me how stupid i was being to control things that arent really in my control! thanks for this ❤ its absolutely beautiful 🙂

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  2. that is so deep..it must have taken a lot out of you to pen down something so beautiful..your language,just the way you’ve described intricate details..leaves a lastingg impression..good luck!keep it all rollingg…cant wait to read moree of your work:)


  3. It’s great, a life winning formula, a life relishing formula, rather a winners’ formula. A winner is a person who is not only successful but happy as well. The importance of surrendering to God is so nicely expressed and the presentation of your idea is awesome. Managing emotions and not becoming slave of desires is beatifully narrated. But a little caution on one point which might be wrongly interpreted is, not doing his or her part in a way God is asking to do and then getting judtifying as God’s plan and the flow of life. Here the principle of aiming high and dreaming big is very important and again “knowing is not doing, doing is doing”

    Thanks Shilpa for your inspiring thoughts, may God bless and guide.

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  4. Amazing thoughts !!!!!!

    Do Always Good to others for, we need to be good to ourselves… Everything under God’s eye then follow the Flow under the God’s control….

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  5. Dude you have got such intence, deep thoughts towards life . Nice article Shilpa . Keep the good work going ,cant wait for the next life lesson.

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